Technical Prowess

Avail Discount On All AIM Services

At AIM, we provide a number of services that include Branding (online and offline), Performance Marketing campaigns, Research, Hackathons etc. As Council members, you will be eligible for a discount on all of these services.
Stay on top of all the recent developments in the industry.

Full Access To AIM Research

The AIM Research team at Analytics India Magazine provides rigorous, objective research and advisory to organisations that plan to achieve higher levels of success with their analytics implementations. We produce syndicated research that can help you understand the data science landscape better. This includes our annual and bi-annual reports on the industry as well as ad-hoc studies.
We will be a one-stop-shop for all your technical needs.

Introduction To Technology Vendors And Needs

The data science industry evolves rapidly, and your needs are going to change accordingly. As a result, you will need to find different vendors and services to fulfil your niche requirements. Here, AIM will help you identify and introduce you to state-of-the-art service providers according to your needs.
Survey Respondents

Have questions, but no data to answer. We will get it for you.

While we are asking the right questions, we don’t have the data to answer them. And being a data-driven organization, this can be frustrating. We will assist our Council members collect this data through surveys. At AIM Research, we are well-versed with the art of conducting surveys to collect high-quality data from the right audience.